Cookie Policy uses cookies. According to the Electronic Communications Act, anyone who visits a website with cookies must have access to information that the website contains cookies, as well as the purpose/use thereof. You as a user should also have the opportunity to consent to cookies being stored on your computer, which can be done through settings in the browser you are using.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files consisting of letters and numbers. These are sent from our website or our partners’ servers and saved on your device as below. We use different cookies:

  • Session cookies are a temporary cookie that expires when you close your browser or app.
  • Persistent cookies are cookies that remain on your computer until you delete them or they expire.
  • First-party cookies are cookies set by the website you visit.
  • Third-party cookies are cookies set by a third-party site.

Why do we use cookies?

  • For web analytics. For example, to get information about how visitors interact with the site.
  • To improve your experience. For example, to remember what is in your shopping cart and enable different services and functions to function properly.

The cookies we use improve the services/products we offer you. Some of our services actually need cookies to function properly, while others exist to make it more manageable or convenient for you or your business.

  • Session cookies

They help us keep track of and recognize your browser. These are absolutely necessary in order to be able to offer our basic functions and services, such as logins, shopping cart remembrance or e.g. customer portal. Our services would not work without these cookies. These cookies disappear when you close your browser.

  • Analysis cookies

They provide comprehensive analytical information regarding your use of our services.

  • Function cookies

They enable you to save settings such as language/browser settings or your pre-filled information in forms, shopping carts or checkouts. These cookies are necessary because it is essential for you to be able to experience that it works as well as possible.

  • Security cookies

They make our services and your data safe and secure, as they help us detect fraud/hacking attempts and protect your data properly. Since this is an incredibly important part of our services, these cookies are clearly necessary.

  • Third part cookies

Van Jepp allows third-party cookies to send data to external partners to measure traffic and behavioral analysis. It allows us to improve our websites, customize the content and view custom offers on other websites as well. For example, Google analytics.

How do I turn down cookies?
If you do not accept cookies, you can configure your browser so that cookie files are not downloaded into your computer. Then all cookies will be turned off. However, temporary cookies are necessary to be able to navigate our website, the website will not work unless temporary cookies are accepted.
If you do not want to allow the storage of cookies on your computer, you can turn it off in your browser’s security settings. Then no cookies are stored in your computer and the use of session cookies or third-party cookies ceases. This means that you will not be able to use certain features on our and others’ websites.